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Coventry University and  The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Centre for By-products Utilization
Second International Conference on  Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies
June 28 - June 30, 2010,   Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy.     
Honouree proceedings
Printed volume Page No. PaperNo. Authors Title Link to full text
Honouree       Cover (shows ISBN) Honouree cover.pdf
Honouree   0   Introduction and table of contents Honor Session TOC.pdf
Honouree 21 1 A. Morbi, S. Cangiano, E. Borgarello Cement Based Materials for Sustainable Development P1.pdf
Honouree 31 2 MARROCCHINO E, TOFFANO A, VACCARO C, BORSA M, CANGIANO S Petrochemical and Petrophysical Characterisation of Construction and Demolition Inert Materials for Concrete p2.pdf
Honouree 43 3 Stefano Cangiano, Antonio Princigallo Using Dealuminated Metakaolin in Concrete as Microsilica Substitute P3.pdf
Honouree 53 4 Luigi Biolzi,Sara Cattaneo,Gianpaolo Rosati,Gianluca Guerrini Monitoring of a very-high performance concrete bridge p4.pdf
Honouree 63 5 Gabriele Vola, Enrico Lovera, Roberto Tezza, Edoardo Piazza Use of By-Products of Luserna Stone for Construction Materials: Sustainability and Economic Feasibility P5.pdf
Honouree 79 6 T.W Bremner The Future of Construction Materials in a Sustainable World P6.pdf
Honouree 89 7 Alexander Yu. Stepanov Carrying Capacity of Structural Elements of Buildings after explosions and impacts p7.pdf
Honouree 99 8 Valentina F. Stepanova Process of Concrete Carbonation Under Aggressive Carbon Dioxide Attack p8.pdf
Honouree 105 9 Yu.S.Volkov,  L.A.Malinina Ecological Impact of Production and Use of Concrete p9.pdf
Honouree 113 10 Michael D.A. Thomas and Allan C.N. Scott Sustainable Concrete in a Marine Environment p10.pdf
Honouree 123 11 David W. Fowler How Can Aggregates be Used to Enhance Sustainable Concrete? p11.pdf
Honouree 135 12 Prasanth Tanikella and Jan Olek Incorporating Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Fly Ash in Statistical Modeling of Binder Properties  p12.pdf
Honouree 147 13 Lech Czarnecki , Andrzej Garbacz , Joanna J. Sokołowska Fly Ash Polymer Concretes p13.pdf
Honouree 159 14 Norbert Delatte and Stuart S. Schwartz  Sustainability Benefits of Pervious Concrete Pavement p14.pdf
Honouree 169 15 Pedro Quiroga and Nancy Torres  Concrete with Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Waste in Colombia p15.pdf
Honouree 179 16 Marc Rached, David Fowler and Eric Koehler Use of Aggregates to Reduce Cement Content in Concrete p16.pdf
Honouree 191 17 H.G. Wheat  Effect of Fly Ash Replacement on Corrosion of Steel p17.pdf
in Concrete
Honouree 199 18 Konstantin Kovler Three Dilemmas in Sustainability of Construction Materials and Technologies p18.pdf
Honouree 211 19 Johan Vyncke, Jeroen Vrijders Recycling of C&D Waste in Belgium: State-of-the-Art and Opportunities for Technology Transfer p19.pdf
Honouree 223 20 Baert, G., De Belie, N., De Schutter, G. A multi-compound model for the hydration of Portland cement – fly ash binders p20.pdf
Honouree 235 21 Sakai K Concrete and Sustainability p21.pdf
Honouree 247 22 Michael N. Fardis Displacement- and Performance-Based Seismic Design for Sustainable Earthquake Resistant Concrete Construction p22.pdf
Honouree 259 23 Odd E. Gjørv Service Life and Sustainability of Important Concrete Infrastructures p23.pdf
Honouree 271 24 Chikanori Hashimoto, Noritsugu Yamaji, Takeshi Watanabe Effect of Placing Season on Fly Ash Concrete Exposed Outdoor for a Decade p24.pdf
and Hiroyuki Mizuguchi
Honouree 285 25 Stein Are Berg and Stefan Jacobsen Packing and Aggregate/Fibre – Void Saturation to Proportion Self-Compacting Fibre Reinforced Concrete p25.pdf
Honouree 297 26 Kenji Kawai, Akihiro Fujiki, Yusuke Aoki, and Yuta Iwatani Preparation of Inventory Data for Environmental Performance Evaluation of Concrete and Concrete Structures p26.pdf
Honouree 309 27 Hikaru Nakamura Analysis on Cracking Propagation During Life of Concrete Structures Using RBSM p27.pdf
Honouree 321 28 Takafumi Noguchi Toward Sustainable Resource Recycling in Concrete Society p28.pdf
Honouree 335 29 F. Azhari and N. Banthia Structural Health Monitoring using Piezoresistive Cementitious Composites p29.pdf
Honouree 347 30 Shamim A. Sheikh and S. M. Homam Durable Retrofitting of Concrete Structures p30.pdf
Honouree 361 31 Sang Hwa Jung, Myung Kue Lee, Seong Lo Lee, and Byung Hwan Oh Experimental Investigation on Diffusion Coefficient of Carbon Dioxide for Sustainable Construction Materials p31.pdf
Honouree 371 32 Koichi Maekawa Engineering Platform of Managing Huge Amount of Knowledge for Simulation of Infrastructure Dynamics p32.pdf
Honouree 381 33 Etsuo Sakai, Eiji Maruya Material design of cement for increased waste usage and reduction of CO2 emissions p33.pdf