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Coventry University and  The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Centre for By-products Utilization
Second International Conference on  Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies
June 28 - June 30, 2010,   Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy.     
Special proceedings
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Special       Cover showing ISBN special cover.pdf
Special   0   Introduction and table of contents Special sessions TOC.pdf
Special 1 1 Parviz Ghoddousi,Ali Akbar Shirzadi Javid Influence of Restraint Conditions and Reinforcing Bar on Plastic Shrinkage of Self-consolidating Concrete t1.pdf
Special 13 2 D Bondar, C. J. Lynsdale, Neil B. Milestone, N. Hassani,A. A. Ramezanianpour Geopolymer Cement from Alkali-Activated Natural Pozzolans: Effect of Addition of Minerals t2.pdf
Special 23 3 A.M. Raiess Ghasemi, T. Parhizkar, A.A. Ramezanianpour Influence of colloidal nano-SiO2 addition as silica fume replacement materials in properties of concrete t3.pdf
Special 31 4 T. Parhizkar, A.M. Raiess Ghasemi, A.R. Pourkhorshidi , A.A. Ramezanianpour Influence of Fly Ash and Dense Packing Method to Increase Durability of HPC Subjected to Acid Corrosion t4.pdf
Special 41 5 A.A. Maghsoudi, M. Maghsoudi, M. Noori Effect of Nano Particles on SCC t5.pdf
Special 55 6 A.A. Maghsoudi Implementation of HSSCC in Pre and Post tensioned Concrete members t6.pdf
Special 67 7 M. Nili, A. Ehsani , K. Shabani  Influence of nano-sio2 and microsilica on concrete performance t7.pdf
Special 75 8 Ali Sadr Momtazi, Mir Alimohamad Mirghozar Langrudi, Akbar Khodaparast Haggi, Hadi Rasmi Atigh Durability of lightweight concrete containing EPS in salty exposure conditions t8.pdf
Special 85 9 A.A. Ramezanianpour, E.Ghiasvand, I.Nickseresht, F. Moodi, M.E. Kamel Engineering Properties And Durability Of Concretes Containing Limestone Cements t9.pdf
Special 97 10 A.A.Ramezanianpour, P.Pourbeik, F.Moodi , M.Mahdikhani Mechanical Properties and Durability of Concretes Containing Rice Husk Ash as Supplementary Cementing Material t10.pdf
Special 109 11 Carmen Andrade , Renata d`Andréa  Concrete Mixture Design Based on Electrical Resistivity t11.pdf
Special 121 12 I. Martínez, C. Andrade, A. Castillo, N. Rebolledo, R. D’Andrea Embedded Sensors For The Monitoring Of Durability In Spain t12.pdf
Special 131 13 Marta Castellote, Samuel Botija, Carmen Andrade Electrokinetic Phenomena in the Remediation of Construction Materials From Heavy Metals Contamination t13.pdf
Special 143 14 I. Galan, C. Andrade, P. Mora, M. A. Sanjuan, J. C. Lopez-Agüi, M. Prieto CO2 Sink Effect of Concrete Carbonation t14.pdf
Special 155 15 Jin Cheol Lee, Sabrina L. Bradshaw, Tuncer B. Edil, and Craig H. Benson Green Benefits of Using Coal Ashes in Pavement Construction t15.pdf
Special 161 16 Jonathan O’Donnell, Craig H. Benson, Tuncer B. Edil Trace Element Leaching from Pavements t16.pdf
with Fly Ash-Stabilized Bases and Subgrades
Special 169 17 Thomas Robl, Kamyar Mahboub, Will Stevens, Robert Rathbone Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash Utilization: I. CFBC Fly Ash as a Pozzolanic Additive to Portland Cement Concrete t17.pdf
Special 179 18 Robert Rathbone, David Rust, Adam Peterson, Kamyar Mahboub, Thomas Robl Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash Utilization: II. CFBC Bottom Ash as a Cementitious Material t18.pdf
Special 191 19 Michael D.A. Thomas Optimizing the Fly Ash Content for Sustainability, Durability and Constructability t19.pdf
Special 203 20 Charles E. Pierce, Larry R Brown II and Samuel Foster  Engineering Properties of Recycled Organic Aggregate for Controlled Low-Strength Materials t20.pdf
Special 213 21 Nausherwan Hasan Production and Quality Control for t21.pdf
Controlled Low Strength Materials
Special 221 22 G. Vardaka, C-T. Galbenis and S. Tsimas Evaluation of Construction and Demolition Wastes as Aggregates in Pervious Concrete t22.pdf
Special 227 23 S. Tsimas Incorporation of CCP’s in Cement and Concrete. The Hellenic Case t23.pdf
Special 235 24 Moutsatsou A., Theodoropoulos K., Batsos M., Malama P. Konstantopoulou S., Protonotarios V. Utilization of Industrial By-Products in Production of Ceramic Materials Focusing on CO2 Emissions Reduction t24.pdf
Special 243 25 K. Giannakos Influence of Rail Pad Stiffness on Track Stressing, Life-Cycle and Noise Emission t25.pdf
Special 255 26 Terrence McCleary, Matthew Mueller Difficulties in Choosing Sustainable Materials t26.pdf
Special 263 27 Terrence McCleary   Subgrade Modification – A Practitioner’s Experience With Sustainable Materials t27.pdf
Special 271 28 Michael J. McHale, Peter Langdale, Stuart Guthrie and Michael Gordon Simplified Crack, Seat, and Overlay Design t28.pdf
for Scottish Roads
Special 279 29 A. Moral, F. Sinis, J. Hervás, A. Cerdá Variability of Environmental Properties of MSWI Bottom Ash as Alternative Aggregates in Road Construction t29.pdf
Special 291 30 O.L. Oke, T. Parry, N.H. Thom and G.D. Airey Laboratory Ageing Protocols for Asphalt Recycling in Hot Climates t30.pdf
Special 303 31 N.H. Thom, T. Lu and T. Parry Fuel Consumption due to Pavement Deflection under Load t31.pdf
Special 311 32 Joseph Anochie-Boateng, Erol Tutumluer Characterizing Shear Properties of Fine-Grained Subgrade Soils under Large Capacity Construction Equipment t32.pdf
Special 323 33 John B. Dryden Potential Applications of Dry FGD Product as Feedstock for High-Volume Construction Products. t33.pdf
Special 329 34 Vivian W. Y. Tam Rate of Reusable and Recyclable Waste in Construction t34.pdf
Special 341 35 Chee-Ming Chan, Pik-Yen Wong and Chai-Chin Lee A Shallow Foundation System for Buildings on Soft Soils t35.pdf
Special 349 36 Mohammad Shekarchi, Farnam Ghassemzadeh, Siavash sajedi, Mehdi Khanzadeh Accuracy of shrinkage prediction models in high performance concretes containing slag and silica fume t36.pdf
Special 361 37 Ali A. Ramezanianpour, S. S. Mirvalad, E. Aramun, M. Peidayesh Effect of Four Iranian Natural Pozzolans on Concrete Durability against Chloride Penetration and Sulfate Attack t37.pdf
Special 373 38 Zhuguo Li, Qingtao Li Repair of Fire-Damaged Concrete: Improvement of Mechanical Property t38.pdf
Special 385 39 Sorina Mitrea, Petru Budrugeac, Alina Ruxandra Caramitu, Gabriela Sbarcea, Lidia Avadanei Characterization Methods of Composites Based on Polypropylene Reinforced with Biodegradable Fibers t39.pdf
Special 391 40 S. Abdelmoumen, E. Bellenger, M. Quéneudec-t’Kint Influence of Rubber Aggregates on the Delayed Deformations Under Constant Load of Eco-Concrete t40.pdf
Special 399 41 Arthur M. Dinitz Sustainable Polymer Concrete Materials for Bridge and Concrete Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Preservation t41.pdf
Special 407 42 L Wright, J M Khatib, P S Mangat Effect of Simulated Desulphurised Waste Content on Resistance to Sodium Sulphate t42.pdf
Special 415 43 V. Ivanov, J. Chu, V. Stabnikov, J. He, M. Naeimi Iron-based biogrout for soil improvement and land reclamation t43.pdf